Free Range

We don't use the term "Free Range" on our labels because the USDA has come up with a definition of free range that is so lame! If we raised our chickens in cages, we'd just have to open those cages to the outside once during the chicken's life in order to meet the USDA requirements for using this term on our labeling. 

Instead of putting a useless label on our eggs, let's just be honest about what we do: Our chickens don't live in cages. They have a roomy coop where they roost at night & lay eggs, and  free access to a fenced-in outside area at all times. In the past, we've had serious problems with predators, so we do have a fence and a solid door on the coop that we can close at night if we start having problems again, but for now, netting for the hawks and electric fence for furry predators seems to be doing the job.

The chicken yard isn't very pretty, because chickens quickly do away with vegetation in any enclosed area. To compensate for not having free access to a larger pasture, we toss all of the weeds from our garden & other plant refuse in with them.  A better option is to have a large moving cage so they get moved to a fresh patch of ground every day. We haven't done that yet, but it's an ambition for when more time is available.